Involvement of Local government in collaboration with Community Forest to conserve traditions of Indigenous People

This case study highlights an example of community leadership shown by the Community Forest User Group (CFUG) and local leaders of Laligurans municipality for the promotion of eco-tourism in the community forest by conserving the traditional and cultural heritage of indigenous people, especially Limbu community.

Leaders of Bhulke Dhara community forest along with the local leaders of Laligurans municipality especially respected Mayor Arjun Mabohang involved in the construction of cultural heritage for the promotion of eco-tourism in community forest as well as for the conservation of ways of lives, traditional things and other things related with the Limbu community.

This cultural site is named as ‘cho? lung park’ which is situated near the Basantapur area of Tehrathum district. This cultural heritage was constructed inside the Bhulkedhara community forest with the aim to increase internal and external tourists and also to share information about Limbu culture, and way of life, and promoting the traditional things among the new generations who were not aware of the importance of cultural and traditional value our traditional community.

There are altogether 5 traditionally constructed houses and one picnic spot and one plastic pond to harvest rainwater. Among them, one is the museum which includes different types of swords and other related things which belonged to different wars which Nepalese fought in periods of Nepalese history. A list of currencies that were published in different regimes mainly in the Shah regime are collected and conserved in the museum. The different ornament which was used by Limbu women were also collected and conserved in this museum.

Fig: tradition house constructed inside cho?lung Park

Those houses which were constructed in cho?lung park were the representation of our tradition and history. All paths were constructed by paving stones without using cement.

Fig: Path constructed by paving stones

In order to visit “chuo?lung Park” mainly internal tourists came here and stay in Basantapur at least for one day which helps to increase the annual income of local hotel entrepreneurs and those who mainly depend on the driving profession. This park provides a suitable place for recreation and provides a good place for refreshments for local people. Thus, this park provides consumptive benefits as well as non-consumptive benefits.

Fig: Currencies which were endorsed in different periods in Nepal


Fig: Picnic spot  in cho?lung Park

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