The improved version, incorporating the suggestions from public, draft constitution has been released once again. The CA members were granted time of a week for the discussion and if important points has been left away. Green Foundation Nepal along with other organizations working on communities issue has been continuously focusing a discussion, interaction and dialogue among CA members on Community property rights which is very important agenda for the communities that should be ensured in constitution.

With this on the date of 30th August, 2015, GFN and FECOFUN conducted an interaction program with the huge participation of CA members. Each member provided the insightful thoughts in this regards. Mr. Jyoti Baniya asserted unless communities’ rights are not addressed by this constitution, it will be of no use for them. He added why political leaders are so much in dilemma for community property rights. Previous constitutions also only focussed on private and state property. So, upcoming constitution should speak the community rights. Similarly, Hon. Subash Thakuri said the voices of voiceless communities are being raised by Green Foundation Nepal and the issues coming from the local people should be ensured by this constitution. He assured that he is very hopeful that important points will not be avoided.

Hon. Gokul Gharti stated these are very important matters and should be made reach to the major political leaders and also committed to do lobbying with them. Likewise, other CA members also pledged to raise this issue during the amendment of this version.

प्रकाशित मिति : 6 September 2015, Sunday
प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस