20 Years of FECOFUN

Today, Federation of Community Forest Users Nepal (FECOFUN) has stepped into twenty years of its establishment. This auspicious occasion is being celebrated by plantation program at Lele area of Lalitpur. All over the Nepal, different programs are being organized by FECOFUN.

FECOFUN emerged as a national umbrella organization of community forestry user groups since 1995….  FECOFUN has been playing crucial role through policy advocacy and community forestry extension campaign to establish more than 18,334 community forestry user groups whereas these groups are managing more than 1.7 M ha forest as community management; that benefits 21,94,350 households.

These community forestry user groups contribute for the sustainable management of forests, development of forest enterprise and improve the livelihood of the rural forest dependent peoples. FECOFUN is unique as well as the largest peoples’ organization which is gender balance, democratic and inclusive representing different eco-zones, indigenous peoples and different groups. The establishment of 2 decades provided the fullest challenges at outcome levels. Moreover, the engagement of FECOFUN and communities in income generating activities through small level enterprises in forestry sector to overcome poverty; changes in land cover through forest restoration and biodiversity conservation; and standing as a bridge between local people and governments through arrangement of dialogues and negotiations with policy makers to secure the community forestry rights are the major delivered outcomes. The land ownership of the community forestry remains with the government which is being biggest challenge for the community forestry to develop the forest enterprise and improve the livelihoods. FECOFUN is doing advocacy for the constitutional and legal recognition of community forest land rights.

प्रकाशित मिति : 9 September 2015, Wednesday
प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस